Quintessence & Massage Wellness

At Quintessence, we believe in the power of therapeutic massage and whole body wellness.  That is our focus and passion.  We have seen first hand how receiving regular care can help alleviate chronic pains such as sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and upper back/shoulder pain, along with so many other benefits.  The best part about our approach is that each treatment is designed just for you!  No prepackaged sequence, no general "full-body" massage regardless of what you want.  And this comes in a comfortable, relaxed office space that isn't your typical spa environment, but isn't your local hair salon either. 

Are you looking to experience the best massage or acupuncture treatment, tailored just for you?  Do you have aches and pains that you want to get rid of?  Do you think that adding regular massage or acupuncture to your life is a pretty darned good idea?  Are you just feeling a little 'stuck' in your life and want to start reaching your full potential?  Well then, you may have just found the right fit for your needs.  Welcome to Q.

We've recently expanded our services to now include acupuncture and other wellness services.  We've collaborated with a highly trained and sweetly skilled practitioner, Sadie Hays, to offer acupuncture at Q.  We feel this move can only serve our clients and their health in a more robust way and are excited for you to experience the quality care we have to share.


Online Reservations

Don't like the phone? Use our online system to browse available times and book your massage online in just a couple minutes.